1st Annual Lawn Bowl Games | September 19th, 2pm-6pm

Sports In Schools present the 1st ever Lawn Bowl Games. From bocce ball to tug a war, this is an event you wont want to miss. The event will be complete with a DJ to keep you motivated, adult beverage to keep you loose + complimentary food from your finest food truck to keep your energy high. All proceeds go back to Sports In Schools who is a Seattle based non-profit.

Woodlawn Park Lawn Bowl
6150 Whitman Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103, USA

6 Players per Team @ $600 Per Team

About The Games

Some of your favorite games done with a twist. Drinks, food and good friends are sure to make this a fun afternoon.

Speed Bocce

A game of strategy and aim, which team will secure the highest score in the least amount of time?  

Obstacle Croquet

In this spin on a classic lawn game, teams play through an obstacle course-style game set up, aiming to have all their members complete the course in the least amount of time.

Bottle Bash

Teams of two attempt to keep their pole and bottle from being toppled by the opposing team. This game is played one-handed, perfect for those who link to sip a cold one while they play.  

Corn Hole

The adult version of a bean bag toss, teams must work together to get their bean bags onto their opponent’s board; high score wins.

Tug of War

It’s a contest of sheer strength and perseverance; who can pull the opposite team across the winning line first?

Shoeless Relays

Which team can find their shoes in the pile in this game of speed, oh, and did we mention the relay must be raced while wearing kaleidoscope glasses?

The Finals

The final four teams will be allowed to gain extra points for the win in a two-game playoff race of flip cup (fizzy water can be substituted for beer as needed). All final four teams will be awarded a prize procured from sponsor donations.



Location Details

Woodlawn Park Lawn Bowl
6150 Whitman Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103, USA

September 19th, 2pm-6pm